Facilities & Engineering

The Facilities and Engineering (F&E) Department at LUMS is responsible for maintaining all utilities at the campus such as electric supply, gas supply, water distribution, HVAC system and civil works. The department also supervises, from a technical aspect, the construction work carried out by contractors on different projects awarded by the National Management Foundation (NMF).

F&E maintains the entire LUMS water supply through an in house system. Water for the university community use is drawn out from a depth of 450 ft which is then stored in an underground tank from where it is distributed all over the required areas. The cooling and heating system of all buildings at LUMS is also maintained by this department, through 5 absorption chillers installed at the campus.

The LUMS campus is spread over an area of 100 acres. Out of this area, 3,712,500 square feet is covered by 33 major buildings, which are maintained by the F&E department. The department has a dedicated staff of 55, from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, HVAC and civil works that are keen to provide prompt customer service.