Greetings and a warm welcome to LUMS. Our purpose is quite simple, and it is this – to collectively support our students to become leaders in all sectors of Pakistan and beyond by making a difference for a better world. Relevant research informs quality teaching at LUMS and is infused in our academic programmes that really are unique in the country.

The students have a lot of choice to build competencies from our 5 schools in business, the humanities and social sciences, science and engineering as well as law and education. LUMS faculty is the engine that drives the University who are concentrating their efforts to create new knowledge with the greatest impact on society.

LUMS is a unique destination for lifelong learning in Pakistan. Pedagogical innovation at LUMS is disrupting traditional teaching where students come first, where policy is translated into practice, where students are true partners for 21st century learning.

Join us in a journey of challenge and opportunity. Join us at LUMS and realise your potential to reimagine with us, how we can together serve Pakistan and a brighter, better world for all.


---- Dr. Arshad Ahmad