About Us


Centre for Advanced Studies in Mathematics is one of the leading centres for research in mathematics in Pakistan. It was established in 2004. In the 21st Century, the role of mathematics in formulating and solving a variety of interdisciplinary problems has been well recognized. Since its inception, the centre has helped develop an integrated view of mathematics and other disciplines. The basic activities of CASM are to promote mathematics amongst students and develop human resources in this field.

We are proud of our undergraduate and graduate students who are now working at different universities and private industries throughout Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Currently areas of activity include Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Mathematical Biology, Scientific Computation, Graph Theory, Enumerative Combinatorics, and Symmetries of Differential Equations.

In the last few years we have developed numerous ways in which to fulfill the objectives of CASM, which includes collaborative research groups, workshops, panel discussions, seminars, conferences and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in partnership with TWAS and UNESCO.

The continuing development of the mathematical and computational sciences is fundamental to the scientific progress of Pakistan and we would appreciate your continued support for the activities of CASM. Any suggestion to better meet these goals are always welcome.

Amer Rasheed, PhD
Scientific Director, CASM