Facets of Algebraic Geometry

Venue: LUMS (Dean’s smart lab)    Date: 17-18, April 2019

Venue: AS-SMS                                   Date: 19 April 2019

This three-day workshop is aimed at graduate students and young researchers, with lectures starting from an elementary level and ending with potential research problems. There will be ­five mini courses on selected topics from or related to Algebraic geometry. The workshop will consists of lectures on topics such as Birational geometry, Mirror symmetry of Fano varieties, Equivariant cohomology, representation theory of Lie algebras, Schubert calculus and Flag varieties. The workshop is focused towards an audience with little background in commutative algebra or algebraic geometry and are interested in their applications.


Haniya Azam (LUMS, Pakistan)

Thomas Prince (University of Oxford, UK)

Victor Przyjalkowski  ( Steklov Mathematical Institute & HSE, Russia)

Konstantin Shramov (Steklov Mathematical Institute & HSE, Russia)

Evgeny Smirnov (Independent University Moscow & HSE, Russia)


 Imran Qureshi (LUMS, Pakistan)                                      

Amer Rasheed (CASM, LUMS)

Imran Anwar (ASSMS, Lahore)

Register @ http://sbasse.lums.edu.pk/department/ mathematics/casm-workshop-FAG

For information, please contact

   Dr. Imran Qureshi  ( imran.qureshi@lums.edu.pk)

  Maryam Amir (maryam.amir@lums.edu.pk)

 Tel:+92-42-35608284/8217, Fax:+92-42-35741673

Mailing Address

Conference Secretariat,

Centre for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (CASM), Lahore University of Management Sciences, DHA Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan 

 Partial support will be provided to limited number of students only.

Registration Fees

  • PKR 1,000 for students
  • PKR 2,000 for faculty
  • $50 for  international participants

Registration Deadline

 April 7, 2019