Topics in Topology

Centre for Advanced Studies in Mathematics in collaboration with Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences & National Centre for Mathematics organized a workshop on Topics in Topology

Date: 22nd -24th February 2018

Topological spaces arise naturally in almost every branch of mathematics. This has made topology one of the great unifying ideas of mathematics. In addition to this the field of topology has found numerous applications in Biology, Physics, Computer Science and Robotics. 
This three-day workshop was aimed at graduate students and young researchers, with lectures starting from an elementary level. There were three mini lecture series on selected topics from lower dimensional topology, Morse theory and algebraic topology followed by short tutorials. We hoped to present invariants of braids and links, Morse homology leading to Floer theory, and cohomology of generalized configuration spaces.

The workshop was focused towards an audience with little background in topology and some interest in its application, which is what makes it the right opportunity for graduate students and young researchers from a budding community of pure mathematicians in Pakistan. The participants especially foreign professors were pleased with the scientific level and coherence of the program.
Alberto Arabia (Senior Researcher, Université Paris Diderot, IMJ- PRG, CNRS, France)

Barbu Berceanu (Professor, IMAR – Romania & AS-SMS-Pakistan)
Christian Blanchet (Professor, Université Paris Diderot, IMJ- PRG, France)
Haniya Azam (LUMS, Pakistan)

Haniya Azam (LUMS, Pakistan)
Amer Rasheed (CASM & LUMS, Pakistan)
Shaheen Nazir (LUMS, Pakistan)

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